Transparency/Disclosure of Network Management Practices

Stop Terror

Like all radio was used for communication it is conventional and it is overused now for entertainment. Asthetic creation is controllable in Bonsaie Trees we bend their branches and shape them beautifully, it clip birds wings and we have a pet, it cuts out the bark of dogs and we have quite neighboorhoods. OK, but now about Radio waves and the FCC our Radio waves are going into space forever and into our eyes, ears, and minds for our own distorted misperceptions. What does draw a line between people and broadcasting the news and the perception everyone recieving it in realtime is getting. Based on signals intelligence in our intelligence gathering Google is able to gleen the surface of our own Nation and get a rough draft of satellite testimony of location, date, time, there is no longer a need for witnesses in realtime or a description of events with radio and satellite anymore. Intelligence does not win a war the war decides the outcome. We are always in wartime since 1955 just in times without battle our goal now is to maintain high intelligence making low casualties the goal but not eliminating the possibility of collateral damage in wartime. How does FCC involve incorporating live feed such as twitter from Iran from the inside and getting into places like North Korea where our CIA were being killed at a rate of 100% when there was a leak in our own intelligence. This is why we need to have an open an nuetral internet and to have a Government division with open accesses with Jurisdiction to any and all threats that may lead to prevention of any and all disruptions of Amrican Interests in all parts of the world where all American Interests from 1900 until the forseeable future can discern any threat against and until these threats have been prevented and defeated through the internet and in the world whereever.



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