The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

The Media neest to stay free

Every country controls the 4 Pillars of power: Legislation, Politics, Lawenforcment and Military. But there is a 5th Pillar in every free counry and that is the Media. A free Press is essential to control the Government who is by definition our administration. History has shown us how important that is. It was the free press that ended Richard Nixons presidency, it was the free press that told the people of the world the truth about the Nazis. And that brings me to my point. All totalitarian systems know why the control the media, every military junta knows why the attack the media centers first in a military putsch - they do that to control through neron Linguistic Programing (NLP) the public by spreading false or propagandistic information. Lets face it for the first time in Iranian History Achmedinejad could not Cover his election fraud because of the Internet. As information source it is viral to any country and to all people. The reason the government wants to control the net is simple - to shut up the opostition. To stop people asking questions about Obama's Birth certificate, to be able to do as they please without the people oposing on time by spreading the word through the internet. This is another step to loose freedom forever and become a socialist/communist Country and that needs to stop. More in my blog on Monday under



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