The government doesn't regulate, You and I do, and we want NN!

The problem with a free-market system, where Average Joe doesn't have any right to tell Company Owner Joe what he's allowed to do to his employees, is that the best business model is money for nothing and the labor for free. Company Owner Joe will make the most possible money if he sells you, Average Joe, next to nothing for a high price and doesn't pay all the other Average Joes who made that next-to-nothing item. Now, Company Owner Joe is a human being and he was an Average Joe once too, so he doesn't want to hurt people by nature; but the problem is that Company Owner Joe is only human! If Company Owner Joe doesn't have much contact with the people he's hurting he can ignore that he's hurting people to make his money, just like you, Average Joe, might not feel bad if you find a $20 another Average Joe dropped and pocket it instead of looking for him or her.


That's where all of us Average Joes have to step in! We decided that trusting Company owner Joe to make the right decision and doing our best to stay out of the way wasn't working for all of us Average Joes, so we built an organization where we pick the most well-connected Average Joe to become Representative Joe since there were way too many Joes for every Joe to pack into one place and debate. You, Average Joe, are supposed to tell Representative Joe what you want, and Representative Joe is supposed to count out you and all the other Joe's opinions, then make sure through all his or her connections that we get what most of us want, while still respecting the rights of the Joes in the minority, and if he or she doesn't do that, we're supposed to kick him or her out and get a better Joe! Is this a little more work on an Average Joe's plate than just staying out of the way? Well of course- but the rewards are that we get treated fairly by Company Owner Joe, and Company Owner Joe is less likely to accidentally step on Average Joe.


Average Joe, "tha big bad gubbamint" isn't looking to stick it to you, You're "tha big bad gubbamint", those guys are you by proxy, and you're looking to make sure no Joes get to take advantage of you. What this is, is all us Joes telling a couple other Joes that they can't start giving us less stuff and asking for more of our time and money. We're telling a couple of Joes who were about to make more profit for less product- get closer to the business model that's best for them but not for all us other Joes- that we're not going to stand for that!


You are the government Average Joe. Company Owner Joe is the government too- but most of us are Average Joe, so we've got to try to give Average Joe what works best for him while respecting Comapany Owner Joe's rights; and in the case of Net Neutrality that means telling Company Owner Joe he can't charge Joe for access to the internet and then restrict his content, and he can't force other, smaller Company Owner Joes to pay up or get excluded.


So Joe, do what's best for most of us Joes and tell Big Company Owner Joe that restricting access to the internet is bad for the both of us!



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