The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Upload speeds = freedom of speech

Right now, if any person in the world wanted to make a long video to show the world, they wouldn't really be able to do it cheaply of free, because the vast majority of users don't know how to get such a file.


Youtube is a symptom of slow upload speeds.


Facebook is another symptom. There was a time before these websites when each person simply set up their own website, on their own computer.


but severe limits in upload bandwidth that are not technical, but only marketing reasons, have caused those with websites to migrate to hosting companies and eventually to these websites.


Of course computing power is another part of the issue, but we need to restore the kind of neutrality to the internet that allows device manufacturers to once again innovate openly with higher and higher speed network interface technologies, such that any user at any time could upgrade their upload speed without some phone or cable company restricting them.


Just for a nice comparison between choked networks like the ones run by phone and cable companies, and a real free internet style network, just look at internet2, which is now upgrading every single user to a 100GBIT upload speed. we are decades behind because of these monopolies!


the goal should be to find a way to make it possible for anybody anywhere to freely share their message with everybody everywhere.



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