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We need net neutrality so this kind of garbage doesn't happen.

Disney Pulls ABC From Cablevision After Deal Fails



Updated at 4:15 p.m. Sunday

Cablevision and The Walt Disney Company traded barbs Sunday after WABC was removed from the company’s cable television line-ups, a consequence of a failed contract negotiation....


--New York Times, March 7, 2010




What the government should do, and nothing more, and nothing less, is just make sure every man/woman/child in this country has free unfettered access to at least a terabit up/down connectivity to every one else.


That speed should be constantly upgraded on a regular basis so that new technologies based on all the increased bandwidth become an everyday occurrence.


We cannot afford to have a system where a fight between some cable provider and some information provider results in this kind of greedy behavior. It wouldn't be possible with high speed inter-connectivity for all because there would be many ways to send and receive information.


It is a matter of national security that we must be able to communicate with each other in an unfettered way with ever increasing speeds, and no opportunity for anybody to attain any kind of position of control like what cablevision has done.



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