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Well meaning bureacrats and the unintended consequences of regulation

The best check on any "bad" internet providers is the competition from other internet providers. Let the market competition work.


I realize the government bureaucracy will always think that the solution to every problem is more government bureaucracy. The government bureaucrat is unaccountable to the consumer and to the voter. The government bureaucracy has no incentive to do anything other than to perpetuate itself.


I do not understand why there is this blind faith in the well meaning government bureaucrat. These angels in government are the same people that are the so-called devils in business. The only answer is to have a self regulating system where one company is constantly trying to take the business from the other company. The companies are then forced to provide a product the consumer wants or go out of business.


Allowing the central government more power over yet another area is not going to improve the quality of the internet. It certainly will not encourage freedom. It will only encourage more government and make the internet market even less attractive to prospective internet firms, which will limit our choices as consumers even more. More regulation adds more cost, more cost limits the number of internet firms that will be created to meet demand. All these costs are then passed on to you, sucker.



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