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corporate greed

Ok, Comcast, AT&T, etc. have done some bad things by placing various filters on some of the services provided to users. And, every time they do, they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar and the people take them to task. When was the last time anyone in "The Government" got called out for stealing from the American public? And, in those very few times when it did happen, what were the repercussions?


Under government rule, the people get what the government decides. There is no innovation, no growth, and, since the government cannot afford to be competitive, no opportunity for competition.


Under capitalism, the systems and services evolve to meet the peoples needs, and to keep the businesses profitable. If, statistically 5% of the users take up 95% of the bandwidth, what's wrong with charging them more? Different IP packets, serving different types of services, demand different priorities. That is a technological fact. You can't legislate it away any more than you can vote to round Pi to 3.15 because it makes math easier.



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