Transparency/Disclosure of Network Management Practices

keep it 'free' in the truest sense of the term

As you know, nearly all individuals who access the Internet, pay for the privilege. Since this is the case, and the fact is Not contested, it is disturbing to hear some of the 'proposals' from the Big Telcos. Access should be uninhibited. If any consumer has a Home PC, or Home Network, with hardware capable of and configured to afford the maximum Through Put which their ISP is capable of offering, then they should be entitled to receive precisely this. No Telco / ISP, shall have the ability or License to 'throttle back bandwidth', in pursuit of fees in addition to the Consumer/Subscribers monthly access charges. Also, no Telco/Isp shall have the ability or License, to limit access to specific areas, or to 'steer' the Consumer toward or away from areas, sites, etc. that the ISP Provider has advertising or financial interests in or not. The Internet should be freely accessed, without speed / bandwidth or steering controls foisted upon consumers, who already pay fees, in some cases over $50 monthly per account, so that the Telco/ISP can further manage to pick the pockets of the Consumer. This facility began becoming available, via Dial Up in 1993. No Telco can now say that this is new ground for them, or that they didn't know what the parameters of their Consumer Agreements were 'supposed to be', and any company saying this to the FCC, is being disingenuous at best.



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