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"neutralality" doublespeak for "We control so you can live"

Novel idea if the government could unbind the administrators hands with royalties for placement, open distribution of office space for demarks/postmarks of hubs.

This is need before any of the untopian playland of the net you prose there Toi


With the Government gone we can go back where the Net started. As an academic tool for masters of there trade to teach the apprentice and welcome journeymen at cost only to those wishing a world where profiteering isn't the main goal. But giving back to a community as what? Large as the WHOLE WORLD?


Think on it. Wake up. Rage against government. Tribalism worked for thousand of years. Why do we give power over to those we know nothing about? With cash or a vote?


Do not live in fear. This world needs power in the individual not a world government dictating and saving our proverbial buts every time we get in a little trouble. Health Care & Industry included.


Time to wake up. Rage against the machine. Then find a philosophy at least resembling a toy soldier or Dr Steel.


You all may take this with a grain of salt but remember crazy is not crazy, just a new way of thinking on things. Such is the life of the higher-wise.



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