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International Lessons

Follow Canada's lead: innovate first to solve congestion problems

Canada has just implemented sensible net neutrality rules, and one of the major ideas is that anybody who seeks to slow down the internet, or complains that their portion of the network is overburdened must prove that there is absolutely no technological solution that would involve bolstering network infrastructure that can solve the problem, before they can do anything to limit anything.


That's a very good start.


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Reasonable Network Management

NO "management" or "data shaping" at all.

Packets should be treated like US mail. while they are in transit, they are sacred and their integrity is sacrosanct.

Nobody, anywhere in the network, should have any right whatsoever to look at data, shape data, count data, or anything like that. Especially for the purposes of controlling it.

the best way to accomplish this is to make sure there are absolutely no proprietary portions of the internet. right now huge... more »


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Application of the Principles to Mobile Broadband

all devices: open and unlocked. Licensed devices, not licensed providers.

The law used to be in place and it should be restored.

There cannot be any jailed and/or locked devices. they must all adhere to all the public protocols any user would like to use. I'm talking to you Apple and AT&T.

There should be a vast swath of beachfront bandwidth allocated to free multi-way service.

If there were such a swath of bandwidth, then anybody anywhere should be able to add to the national information... more »


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Workshop--Innovation, Investment, and the Open Internet

The panelists missed a very important point...

I attended this workshop yesterday, and I got to listen to and converse with several of the panelists. The frustrating talk that I heard a lot from people on the panel was how, "well if this isn't profitable for the monopoly isps, then i guess we'll have to...

*pay more
*go slower
*do less
*give up freedom

so that they can remain profitable when they 'offer us internet service.'"

The representative from... more »


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Workshop--Technical Advisory Process on Broadband Network Management

Overview: Networks and the new Vision

We Americans are some of the most inovative people when it comes to Tech, but lacking when it comes to acutally using CURRENT tech. Copper, instead of fiber. Servers, sorely lacking in the ability to accept the current load of traffic, still being used waaaaay after their EOL (Read: End of Life). What is needed is a network that is built from the ground up for the future and the backing to do so*. Fiber (or a similarly... more »


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The Open Internet & Innovation

"neutralality" doublespeak for "We control so you can live"

Novel idea if the government could unbind the administrators hands with royalties for placement, open distribution of office space for demarks/postmarks of hubs.
This is need before any of the untopian playland of the net you prose there Toi

With the Government gone we can go back where the Net started. As an academic tool for masters of there trade to teach the apprentice and welcome journeymen at cost only to those... more »


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The Open Internet & Public Engagement

The utopia of net neutrality is an impossible goal to obtain.

Net neutrality is a perfect situation which will not be achievable. Sorry but there is no utopian ideal solution. The internet is like a lot of roadways and you have to allow authorities like the FCC and internet service providers to perform throttling, limits on total bandwidth use and modifications based upon access and ability to pay for excessive speeds so that the net can conduct its business reliably for the most... more »


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Comcast demonstrates why Neutrality is a MUST

This week, Comcast indicated that it will try to charge Netflix a special fee, just to let people stream HD movies from them.

That's because they feel netflix will compete with comcast's own video on demand service.

This is EXACTLY why we need net neutrality. Comcast for one, shouldn't be allowed to control ANYTHING regarding content, and they shouldn't be in the content business AND the cable laying business at the... more »


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Transparency/Disclosure of Network Management Practices

keep it 'free' in the truest sense of the term

As you know, nearly all individuals who access the Internet, pay for the privilege. Since this is the case, and the fact is Not contested, it is disturbing to hear some of the 'proposals' from the Big Telcos. Access should be uninhibited. If any consumer has a Home PC, or Home Network, with hardware capable of and configured to afford the maximum Through Put which their ISP is capable of offering, then they should be... more »


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