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Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and National Security

Questions about the best approach to lawful content

I would ask that people refrain from discussing the necessity for net neutrality there are many other threads for that. Also, i believe that there are times and places for skepticism; but now is the time we sit down ignore our differences for a common good.

The thing that is of concern to me: a line from chairman Genachowski recent press release:

"...This means they cannot block or degrade lawful traffic over their... more »


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The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Leave our freedom of speech alone!

I am very concerned about the "lawful content" clause in the net neutrality rules.

It causes a situation where every internet provider and website must snoop on every single bit of communication to make sure it is legal.

The writers of the rule have good intentions, but the result of having that clause in there will have a chilling effect on the internet that has never happened before.

Today, a judge actually made... more »


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The Open Internet & Innovation

Net Neutrality is a must, and that means rules

It should be a simple matter of passing and enforcing a strong Network Neutrality Rule. Make all providers equal; that is fair and protects us all.

The big corporations, with at&t as a recognizable example, must not be given the power to squeeze content providers and favor their content by excluding or downgrading the content of others.

Competition is the rule to follow, which in this case means to compete on a basis... more »


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Copyright Issues

exclusive content deals: is this a problem?

don't let people like fox and rupert murdoch start to limit what certain search engines can list.

I don't mind this for fox, exactly, because i'd prefer fewer people are able to find their content, to be honest.

what worries me though, is that they will set a precedent where there will be discrimination against search engines who want to be able to index as much content as possible.

if more companies start to charge... more »


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The Open Internet & Public Engagement

The Open Internet, Our Last Bastion...

The internet should remain an open system accessible by all and controlled by no-one. It should be accessible by all in both directions—both to consumers of content and to content providers. The internet should not become the property only of those with the financial resources or political power to inflict their will and viewpoint on others. The internet is too critical to our freedom of assembly, freedom of speech... more »


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