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The Open Internet & Innovation

Net Neutrality created the information age, and must be protected at all costs.

Obviously we need to come up with a detailed technical language in order for this law to be effective, but the fundamental point remains that neutrality is crucial to the betterment of our access to information.

I work in telecommunication, and I know exactly what the big providers want to do with throttling. The doors that it opens up are purely insane to even think about, after having 15 years of free and open access... more »


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The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

We cannot afford for the government to control the Internet.

The government should stay out of the Internet. The whole purpose of the government is to defend its citizens from internal and external threats; not to control all aspects of society. As American citizens, we have all seen the government at work. I ask you this: how many times has the government taking over a service caused it to become better or more efficient? NEVER!
On a different note; the President (and the government... more »


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The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

What do we really want?

What do we really want the government to be involved in? We can agree, its made a mess of Afghanistan, and should stay out of Iran. The debate over healthcare rages, but I think its agreed that education is a mess, immigration is apathetic, and drug patrols are inefficient to say the least. And now we want them involved in regulating the internet?

I agree, the internet should stay neutral, and that freedom of speech... more »


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The Open Internet & Public Engagement

The Open Internet, Our Last Bastion...

The internet should remain an open system accessible by all and controlled by no-one. It should be accessible by all in both directions—both to consumers of content and to content providers. The internet should not become the property only of those with the financial resources or political power to inflict their will and viewpoint on others. The internet is too critical to our freedom of assembly, freedom of speech... more »


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