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The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Internet in the US Can Rival the World's Best ...

From my slight travels of the world, I feel that the US has a very free and open and available internet infrastructure right now. Other places have higher speeds, but internet access is incredibly easy to come by in this country and highly used by the educated public.

This is why it needs protection from the companies like Comcast that are currently monopolizing our access to the internet. The US could have some of... more »


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Workshop--Technical Advisory Process on Broadband Network Management

Overview: Networks and the new Vision

We Americans are some of the most inovative people when it comes to Tech, but lacking when it comes to acutally using CURRENT tech. Copper, instead of fiber. Servers, sorely lacking in the ability to accept the current load of traffic, still being used waaaaay after their EOL (Read: End of Life). What is needed is a network that is built from the ground up for the future and the backing to do so*. Fiber (or a similarly... more »


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The Open Internet & Innovation

"neutralality" doublespeak for "We control so you can live"

Novel idea if the government could unbind the administrators hands with royalties for placement, open distribution of office space for demarks/postmarks of hubs.
This is need before any of the untopian playland of the net you prose there Toi

With the Government gone we can go back where the Net started. As an academic tool for masters of there trade to teach the apprentice and welcome journeymen at cost only to those... more »


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