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Reasonable Network Management

NO "management" or "data shaping" at all.

Packets should be treated like US mail. while they are in transit, they are sacred and their integrity is sacrosanct.

Nobody, anywhere in the network, should have any right whatsoever to look at data, shape data, count data, or anything like that. Especially for the purposes of controlling it.

the best way to accomplish this is to make sure there are absolutely no proprietary portions of the internet. right now huge... more »


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The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

5th proposed rule, Codifying a Principle of Nondiscrimination

Please be more specific when you place this rule into effect! The current wording will allow ISPs to "address traffic that is harmful to the network or unwanted by users, such as spam."

The words "such as" are very vague and permissive. They leave lots of "wiggle room", subject to interpretation. For enforcement, the rule needs to be entirely specific as to what specific information in the traffic may be monitored,... more »


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