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The Open Internet & Innovation

The One Minute Case Against “Net Neutrality”

Advocates of “net neutrality” argue against the right of the owners of the pipes (Internet Service Providers) to discriminate between different messages or to charge recipients of messages. So for example, an ISP would not be able to favor telephone calls sent over the net over movie downloads, or charge Google extra for the traffic sent their way, or to block a business if it competes with their own services, or to block... more »


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The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Net Neutrality = Censorship.

Having a connection to the internet is not a right, despite what liberals want you to believe. It is a PRIVILEGE! Only liberals want Net Neutrality even though they are clueless about what it involves. I have a suggestion for the ignorant: you want Net Neutrality? Move to China, North Korea, Iran or Venezuela and leave the rest of us alone.


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