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International Lessons

Follow Canada's lead: innovate first to solve congestion problems

Canada has just implemented sensible net neutrality rules, and one of the major ideas is that anybody who seeks to slow down the internet, or complains that their portion of the network is overburdened must prove that there is absolutely no technological solution that would involve bolstering network infrastructure that can solve the problem, before they can do anything to limit anything.


That's a very good start.


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Reasonable Network Management

NO "management" or "data shaping" at all.

Packets should be treated like US mail. while they are in transit, they are sacred and their integrity is sacrosanct.

Nobody, anywhere in the network, should have any right whatsoever to look at data, shape data, count data, or anything like that. Especially for the purposes of controlling it.

the best way to accomplish this is to make sure there are absolutely no proprietary portions of the internet. right now huge... more »


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The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Upload speeds = freedom of speech

Right now, if any person in the world wanted to make a long video to show the world, they wouldn't really be able to do it cheaply of free, because the vast majority of users don't know how to get such a file.

Youtube is a symptom of slow upload speeds.

Facebook is another symptom. There was a time before these websites when each person simply set up their own website, on their own computer.

but severe limits in upload... more »


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The Open Internet & Innovation

upgrade through innovation, not permission.

There was a time, in the wake of the supreme court's carterfone ruling in 1968, when suddenly, people could hook any devices they wanted to up to the phone network.

The phone companies hated this so much because they wanted the ability to charge additional monthly fees for every single little thing that anybody could do on the phone system. fees for voice messages. fees to have a touchtone phone. extremely high fees... more »


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The Open Internet & Innovation

We need net neutrality so this kind of garbage doesn't happen.

Disney Pulls ABC From Cablevision After Deal Fails

Updated at 4:15 p.m. Sunday
Cablevision and The Walt Disney Company traded barbs Sunday after WABC was removed from the company’s cable television line-ups, a consequence of a failed contract negotiation....

--New York Times, March 7, 2010


What the government should do, and nothing more, and nothing less, is just make sure every... more »


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Workshop--Innovation, Investment, and the Open Internet

100 mbits? that's IT? come on guys.

How disappointing to see the FCC set such a low low low goal for our internet speeds in 10 years.

even today, we could already have TERABIT per user speeds using a truly optical network.

we already have much of the fiber necessary.

I'm just sad that they have set the bar so very low. so low, indeed, that the 100mbit speed is already something many other countries have TODAY... and to hope to have that in TEN YEARS?... more »


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