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The Open Internet & Innovation

Net Neutrality created the information age, and must be protected at all costs.

Obviously we need to come up with a detailed technical language in order for this law to be effective, but the fundamental point remains that neutrality is crucial to the betterment of our access to information.

I work in telecommunication, and I know exactly what the big providers want to do with throttling. The doors that it opens up are purely insane to even think about, after having 15 years of free and open access... more »


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Make it clear that ISPs are network providers, and indepentent to content providers

The Internet protocols were designed to be complete ignorant of the information, content, or applications that transferred through them. The content delivered is separate from the information provided. When the Internet was designed there was no World Wide Web, but because of this feature it could be added without restructuring the Internet. Similarly, when YouTube decided it could create a superior video service it just... more »


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