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No more TV "channels" or radio "stations"

TV and Radio as we know it are ancient technologies that waste huge portions of spectrum and only empower the most wealthy station owners.

I say we take back all of the bandwidth used to bequeath large portions of broadcast spectrum to private ownership.

Instead, all that bandwidth should be used for completely neutral multi-way internet infrastructure.

If one of the "tv" or "radio" stations that used to broadcast... more »


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The Open Internet & Innovation

Open discussion Broadcast Networks Are Tired Of tvshows

A media critique by WayneFriedman[West Coast Editor]MediaPost.

Just two reality shows out of 36 new broadcast network shows are in the works for the 2010-2011 broadcast season. What does this say about the new season creatively, if not financially?

There must be reality show burn-out among viewers and advertisers.

With reality, it's a lot of work -- production companies can shoot crazy amounts of footage to piece... more »


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