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International Lessons

Follow Canada's lead: innovate first to solve congestion problems

Canada has just implemented sensible net neutrality rules, and one of the major ideas is that anybody who seeks to slow down the internet, or complains that their portion of the network is overburdened must prove that there is absolutely no technological solution that would involve bolstering network infrastructure that can solve the problem, before they can do anything to limit anything.


That's a very good start.


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The Open Internet & Innovation

upgrade through innovation, not permission.

There was a time, in the wake of the supreme court's carterfone ruling in 1968, when suddenly, people could hook any devices they wanted to up to the phone network.

The phone companies hated this so much because they wanted the ability to charge additional monthly fees for every single little thing that anybody could do on the phone system. fees for voice messages. fees to have a touchtone phone. extremely high fees... more »


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Workshop--Innovation, Investment, and the Open Internet

A swift kick in the butt...

is what this country needs.

Google had the right idea when it announced in the last few days that they'd be trying out a gigabit fully neutral internet connection for maybe up to 500,000 users. that's a gigabit UP and DOWN... with no data shaping. no looking at our data. no limits. and a cost of only about $20 a month...

If you look at what happened to the economy in the wake of the commercialization of the internet,... more »


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