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The Open Internet & Innovation

Restore Net Neutrality protections and extend them to wireless

Net Neutrality is essential -- by the way we've had Net Neutrality before - it is the principle of an open democratic Internet where anyone can go online and connect freely with others (it is a principle to prevent ISPs from blocking online access to certain services) we had Net Neutrality prior to 2005 when the Bush FCC made the error of stripping the Internet of this basic protection for the Internet. Net Neutrality... more »


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The Open Internet & Innovation



I've been told by reliable sources that you guys are actually reading all these notes, so I'd like to put this one directly to you.

If you take valuable beach front spectrum away from the TV broadcasters and then just auction it all off to the highest bidder (AT&T, etc.) then that's just taking our problem out of the frying pan and throwing it into the fire. Out of one monopoly's hands, and into another.

Let's... more »


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Workshop--Innovation, Investment, and the Open Internet

The fundamental flaw of Ethernet is that it requires routers.

Leave the carrier backbone alone, however migrate the middle and last mile to a broadcast architecture that does not require routers. It's called The Q from Ether2. This technology will eliminate bottlenecks and support stable QoS no matter how many nodes or how much traffic is on the network (up to 110%). IPTV quality will surpass cable/sat, the digital divide will be closed, net neutrality will be a non-issue, and... more »


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