Application of the Principles to Mobile Broadband

SMS and MMS messaging

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SMS & MMS messaging is now the most widely used form of communication. Why is it not properly regulated by a commission that is supposed to regulate communication?

Have you ever wondered why you do not receive SMS appointment reminders from your doctor? Or why you cannot send an MMS picture of your injury to your doctor’s office? Why do restaurants still use vibrating pagers when everyone has a mobile phone. Ever wonder... more »


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The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Google News - Kills thousands of small news publishers

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Google News has recently removed hundreds if not thousands of News publishers from their index, which has caused the loss of thousands of jobs, at a time when America needs them most.

According to the chatter on the Google News Publishers forum, Google is making an effort to remove unwanted content, this effort has also caused several smaller News sites who provided real news to be removed from the index.

The loss of... more »


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Comcast demonstrates why Neutrality is a MUST

This week, Comcast indicated that it will try to charge Netflix a special fee, just to let people stream HD movies from them.

That's because they feel netflix will compete with comcast's own video on demand service.

This is EXACTLY why we need net neutrality. Comcast for one, shouldn't be allowed to control ANYTHING regarding content, and they shouldn't be in the content business AND the cable laying business at the... more »


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The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

keep internet free just like speach

internet should remain free. its like the air we breath in todays world. Puting a price on top of it after payin a service provider is down right wrong. its like putting a tax on top of a tax. We are already burdened enough. plus with the economy the way it is would make it even harder for a lot of people to find jobs if they are not working. Now it is easy to find jobs through the internet ,put a charge on that and you... more »


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Copyright Issues

For all the Woman of the World and Mom's Recycling Bin

Mr. President and All First Families of the World. I want the phone call go to my Neice Esther Anne Nemethy. She is working her but off to get a full scholarship...why...she knows she has older parents...and she does not want to burden you see money has blocked your own common the doors...let children have an that is just plain old big fat cash have... more »


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