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The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Real Internet Freedom, Not Regulation

The Internet is highly competitive. Traditional “phone” and traditional “cable” companies have been locked in an intense struggle to win customers, and wireless is rapidly becoming another viable alternative to wired broadband connections. If a private company blocked or censored Internet traffic maliciously it would lose its customers. If government exercised such control over a government-controlled Internet, there... more »


415 votes
(@dave.kliman) kudos icon +

Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and National Security

ISPs are not cops, and never should be.

The big problem with representative Markey's Net Neutrality bill, is that it bequeaths onto ISPs the power to be police by giving them the responsibility to figure out which users are lawfully using the internet.

For one thing that violates the due process clause of the constitution.

For another it means that ISPs will inherently be able to watch our data... I have a big problem with that. That violates the prohibition... more »


272 votes
(@kennethjlines) kudos icon +

The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Voice of the people

Net Neutrality is what allows freedom of expression on the net. Regulation will restrict the voice of the people. We have seen amazing amounts of political change, and I personally have learned much by the "anyone can join the discussion" concept of the internet (such as this "join the discussion" box I am currently typing into). Seeing some be left out of having their ideas heard because they could not afford to post... more »


251 votes
(@lanetteward) kudos icon +

The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

You May Not Claim What Belongs to Me--and the Whole Public

I recently enjoyed Ken Burns' wonderful series on our national parks. As I read today about the question of net neutrality, I was reminded of a man in Ken Burns’ series named Ralph Cameron. Cameron pretty much decided that the Grand Canyon belonged to him. Why? Because he said so! One of his many outrageous offenses was the "toll road" he built at the head of Bright Angel Trail, where he charged visitors a large... more »


237 votes
(@kiram9) kudos icon +

The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Network Neutrality, because Censoring is already here! (On my ISP)

I just wanted to share my experience comparing two different internet service providers I have, one is Pavlov media, and the other is ATT. Pavlov media provides a 1.5mbit service to my house, and ATT provides the same to my parents house. Both cost about the same and advertise their connections as being equal speed.
The difference is that Pavlov filters their connection extensively based on file type, website visited,... more »


227 votes
(@comguru) kudos icon +

The Open Internet & Public Engagement

Stand with Freedom: Oppose the oxymoronic 'Net Neutrality'

Ok, so what we have here is the basic argument that is consuming America on all levels, and not just about Internet Neutrality. On one side, we have the capitalists who believe that "The Government" is the enemy and that "The Market" will balance everything out and solve all the problems. On the other side we have (for lack of a less antagonistic term) the anti-capitalists who believe that evil corporations will screw... more »


211 votes
(@vilgalys) kudos icon +

The Open Internet & Innovation

Net Neutrality is good for our economy

If large ISP and web providers get their way on this, they can effectively "lock out" internet start-ups, nonprofits, and those unable to pay for premium bandwidth. Why should we hand over the internet, which was developed with public money, over to large corporations who will only inflate the costs to consumers in the same way wireless companies nickle and dime us to death with access fees? Allowing ISPs to stifle small... more »


208 votes
(@northrup.mike) kudos icon +

The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech


U.S. is 28th in the world for internet connectivity speeds. We are the only industrialized nation without a comprehensive internet policy. Finland just declared high speed internet access a legal right.


Please, for the love of this country, keep the internet neutral. Others have articulated the argument far better than I, I just wanted to add my support in favor of a neutral internet.


205 votes
(@princessatoli) kudos icon +

The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Free and Open, Keep it this way.

A free and open Internet. For years now we have all enjoyed just this. This should never be changed. All traffic should be allowed. Regardless of the moral or immoral context.
It should not be controlled by any large buisness or government. It should be controlled by the people.
If we want to use Torrent's then we should be allowed to use torrents. They aren't only used to download illegal content. Many Online Games use... more »


200 votes
(@ar1030) kudos icon +

The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Net neutrality means NEUTRALITY as in everyone gets the same access

Opposing net neutrality because it "regulates the internet" is like opposing rape laws because they "regulate private relationships".

These laws are very clearly designed to keep privately owned internet providers such as Comcast or Time Warner from controlling what information you can access. In no way do they allow "evil government regulators" from "controlling the internet", regardless of what your Republican politicians... more »


197 votes
(@fsheen) kudos icon +

The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Stop Washington from regulating Free Speech & Enterprise

FCC Regulation of the Internet
As an Americans for Prosperity activist, I am submitting the following comment regarding the matter of preserving the open Internet. GN Docket No, 09-191, WC Docket No. 07-52:
I am a former 3-term MI state legislator, 2-term County Treasurer and have been a small business owner of a financial planning practice with my wife for over 20 years. Currently, I involved in bringing new products... more »


195 votes